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The Painting Process

Once I have selected a subject to paint, I take digital photographs of the scene from different viewpoints. If feasible, I do drawings on site. For commissioned works outside of the South Jersey area, people send me photographs of the view they want me to paint.

Back in my studio, I do several “thumb nail” sketches and select one that I think best represents the subject. After consulting with you, I eliminate aspects of the scene such as telephone poles, trees, or other objects that obstruct the view, or that you simply do not wish to have in the painting.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Once I have selected the sketch that I want to develop into a painting, I do a careful pencil drawing on 140 pound hot press water color paper. I use enlarged photographs of the scene as a reference for architectural details.

The next step is the application of waterproof India ink, applied with a pen,
over the pencil drawing. This medium enables me to solidify the drawing
and begin to enhance the character of the subject.

Stage 3

Then comes the first application of water color paint, which is tentative and
focused on establishing color and values.

Stage 4

Stage 5

From that point on, there is a give and take between the two media: ink
and watercolor. When I enter the color stage of a painting, I enjoy the interplay between the black ink lines and paint colors. I go back and forth, slowly building up the colors and lines until I reach a point where I am satisfied.

Transform your photograph into a work of art.

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